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Discovery’s Final Voyage


Yesterday, NASA’s Discovery Space Shuttle made its last flight, piggy-backing upon a 747 from Florida to our nation’s capital.  Before touching down at Dulles International Airport, it took some low and slow final victory laps around the Washington, D.C. area.  Shortly thereafter, Facebook and the rest of the internet was saturated with onlookers’ snapshots.  I […]

Dateline NBC and the Battle at Kruger


Tomorrow, THIS Sunday, August 21, at 7/6C, the Battle at Kruger will be featured on NBC’s Dateline. NegativeSpace has been alerted that the segment should feature YouTube’s finest videos, including the Battle at Kruger. Interviewed by Dateline producer John Costello, Battle at Kruger filmmakers Buzz Budzinski and Jason Schlosberg should appear on the program. Find […]