The Filmmakers

David “Buzz” Budzinski

The videographer of the Battle at Kruger, Buzz originally hails from a town outside of Houston with his wife Cheryl. Now retired, they live in southern Virginia. The minDV camcorder he used to film the Battle at Kruger was actually a corporate gift they had just received from Cheryl’s company. Since the video’s meteoric rise to popularity, Buzz has been seen on ABC’s I-Caught, Inside Edition, and the National Geographic Channel’s documentary, Caught on Safari: Battle at Kruger.

Jason Schlosberg

The photographer of the Battle at Kruger, Jason lives outside of Washington, DC with his wife, Donna and owns NegativeSpace Media. After witnessing the Battle at Kruger, Jason and Buzz traded photographic prints for a copy of the video. Two years later, Jason uploaded the video to YouTube to show his friend, Jeff Rindsberg. After forming a partnership with Buzz, Jason has orchestrated the business end relating to all things Battle at Kruger, including obtaining deals with numerous media outlets such as ABC Television and National Geographic. For more information on Jason and NegativeSpace, please visit our About page.