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Skip the Zoo. Go on Safari.

Family of giraffes, Kruger National Park, South Africa

I’ve been spoiled.  After seeing the real deal, the miniature, packaged product has less appeal to me.  I would rather go on a safari than take a trip to the local zoo. Now, don’t get me wrong. The zoo is a wonderful place. It brings to our urban centers a piece of the natural world […]

Dateline NBC and the Battle at Kruger


Tomorrow, THIS Sunday, August 21, at 7/6C, the Battle at Kruger will be featured on NBC’s Dateline. NegativeSpace has been alerted that the segment should feature YouTube’s finest videos, including the Battle at Kruger. Interviewed by Dateline producer John Costello, Battle at Kruger filmmakers Buzz Budzinski and Jason Schlosberg should appear on the program. Find […]

The Baby Buffalo

Battle at Kruger No. 4

While the heroes of the Battle at Kruger are probably the large herd of adult buffaloes, it is the baby buffalo captured by the lions who has stolen our hearts. Its resilience and will to live has inspired the world. I am frequently asked, “What do you think happened to the baby buffalo? Do you […]

Look eye! Always look eye!


One of the first things I notice ruining an otherwise perfect animal or portrait photograph is improper focus.  I’ll see someone photographing their dog with a focus on the tip of its snout.  While I’ve done this to convey humor when my own pup’s nose is sniffing the lens, this normally turns people away.  Your […]

Elephant Crossing

Land Rover safari vehicle stopping on the road for a crossing ba

In 2007, we returned to South Africa to film a documentary for the National Geographic Channel.  We spent many days driving in a Land Rover all over Kruger National Park watching lions, impalas, buffaloes, hornbills, and other interesting animals.  On one late afternoon, we decided to take a leisurely drive returning to camp so that […]

Battle at Kruger: The Inside Story

Battle at Kruger No. 4

My business partner, Buzz, and I are widely known as the filmmakers of the Battle at Kruger, a battle over a baby calf between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and a crocodile. We shot the scene in September 2004 at a watering hole adjacent to Transport Dam in South Africa’s Kruger National […]