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Becoming Poseidon


I used to hate science. I did poorly in high school biology and by the time I reached college, the only science class I took was Astronomy with Lab. The lab portion was just going out to Emory’s Lullwater Park at night to watch the sky with our telescopes. It was an awesome cakewalk. Seattle […]

How to Shoot a Sunset (or Sunrise)

Sunset over the Arno River, a view from the Piazzele Michelangel

Sunsets are a wildly popular photographic subject. And for good reason. Sunlight pouring in from the horizon, bouncing off clouds in a myriad of colors, is a feast for the eyes. But how many times have you looked at a sunset photo, ooh’d and ah’d at the colors, and then moved on with little memory […]

Shooting a Moving Landscape

Sawyer Glacier reflecting in the ice peppered river, Inside Pass

Nature photographers love capturing that iconic mountain-lake landscape. We all know that image of dramatically lit mountains reflecting in the still waters of a lake or pond. Clich├ęd? Perhaps. But that has not prevented photographers (including myself) from trying. While in Alaska, I tried shooting the Sawyer Glacier from a moving cruise ship. Here are […]