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New Orleans Tattoo Guy & His Magic Tongue

New Orleans Tattoo Guy 02b-2

On a Palm Sunday years ago, I was walking the streets of New Orleans with my camera and Donna, the woman who would later become my wife. It was my early days of photography and I was shooting film with my traditional Canon Rebel. As we were walking through the French Quarter, we passed a […]

Look eye! Always look eye!


One of the first things I notice ruining an otherwise perfect animal or portrait photograph is improper focus.  I’ll see someone photographing their dog with a focus on the tip of its snout.  While I’ve done this to convey humor when my own pup’s nose is sniffing the lens, this normally turns people away.  Your […]

Elephant Crossing

Land Rover safari vehicle stopping on the road for a crossing ba

In 2007, we returned to South Africa to film a documentary for the National Geographic Channel.  We spent many days driving in a Land Rover all over Kruger National Park watching lions, impalas, buffaloes, hornbills, and other interesting animals.  On one late afternoon, we decided to take a leisurely drive returning to camp so that […]