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Discovery’s Final Voyage


Yesterday, NASA’s Discovery Space Shuttle made its last flight, piggy-backing upon a 747 from Florida to our nation’s capital.  Before touching down at Dulles International Airport, it took some low and slow final victory laps around the Washington, D.C. area.  Shortly thereafter, Facebook and the rest of the internet was saturated with onlookers’ snapshots.  I […]

Pissing Off Jake Gyllenhaal

Credit: Photographer Unknown

At the SWSW festival Friday, an overexcited fan snapped a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal as he relieved himself at a urinal. While some report that a minor scuffle ensued, Gyllenhaal’s rep says, “There was no scuffle, it was an excited fan who tried to take his picture in the restroom. He asked the guy to […]